Patients and visitors

Patients and visitors

Patients and visitors

We know visiting hospital can sometimes be daunting, so we want to reassure you that as a patient of ours, we'll ask what you think, and give you all the information you need to help you play an active part in any decision making. You'll be treated in an environment where your comfort and privacy and dignity are respected.

We achieve some of the best clinical outcomes anywhere in the NHS, and we trust that you'll receive great care from our team of dedicated staff. If you’d like to give feedback or think there is something we can improve, please let us know. 

Experience of care at St Bartholomew's

Making a difference together

If you have been a patient at St Bartholomew's Hospital, what do you feel about how you were looked after?  As a visitor, what did you think?  Please tell us honestly how we could do better.  We are keen to learn about bad experiences as well as good, and we are ready to take criticism on board.

We want to provide the best possible treatment and care.  But we need to hear your voice.  Our patients and visitors are in a unique position to help us improve, and your perspective will give us the confidence to be sure our changes are focused on what patients need.  Together we can work for better healthcare and better outcomes. 

People from across the community have important views we want to know about.  Any time you can give will be welcomed, whether it's a lot or a little.  There are a number of ways to provide feedback and get involved.  We’ve listed them here so you can find the right approach for you.

The Patient Voice

The Patient Voice at St Bartholomew’s is a voluntary group working in partnership with hospital clinicians and managers.  Members undertake tasks such as sitting on hospital boards and committees, reviewing reports about the quality of care, and following up patient feedback from events and surveys.  Some members work on innovative projects, either as part of a small group or on a one-to-one basis with a senior staff member.

The Patient Voice meets every 2 months. Visit our Patient Voice webpage where you can read about recent activities and find out how to join. 

St Bartholomew’s Patient Events

Throughout the year St Bartholomew’s hold patient and family listening events.  These are arranged by the hospital department responsible for the topic under discussion – for example, the information given to cancer patients, or recovery after heart surgery.

For each event, we want patients and their families to come along and tell us about their experience.  It's an opportunity to meet other patients, have a cup of tea, and let us know what we did well and what changes you would like to see in the future.

Patient events will be regularly posted on this page.  To book your place, all you need do is register.

Taking part in surveys

From time to time we carry out surveys.  Staff may ask you complete a questionnaire, which should not take long to complete.  Our surveys are always anonymous, to protect your identity and privacy.

Social media

You can leave feedback on various social media pages - @bartshospital.  It is always encouraging for staff to hear about care that has been delivered well.  However, for complaints we strongly advise you to use the Trust's complaints procedures as social media is not monitored throughout the day and does not allow sufficient detail for a complaint to be resolved.

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