Join The Royal London's Adult Critical Care Unit

Join The Royal London's Adult Critical Care Unit

ACCU team The Royal London Hospital is the UK’s largest trauma centre and leads the trauma network for North East London and Essex.

Our 44 bedded Adult Critical Care Unit is a leading specialist centre with an international reputation for caring for critically injured patients across London, serviced by London’s Air Ambulance service.

We are extremely proud to have been rated as providing ‘outstanding’ care by the CQC in 2016 and were finalists at the Nursing Times Awards 2016 for the best student placement of the year. We were one of the major trauma centres that treated and cared for victims of the London Bridge Terrorist attack in 2017.

We're hiring!

We're looking for enthusiastic and talented Band 6 nurses to join our award winning team. To be right for the role you'll need with a postgraduate qualification in critical care to join our world class Adult Critical Care Unit.

How to apply

Apply to be a Critical Care Staff Nurse – Band 5

Apply to be a Critical Care Sister/Charge Nurse – Band 6

If you're interested in applying for one of our posts but are unable to attend the interview date advertised, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss arrangements more suitable for you.

Flexible Interview Arrangements

If you're interested in applying for a post but are unable to attend on the date advertised, please contact and we will make more suitable arrangements for you.

ACCU team photoWant to know more about joining our team?

Find out from our team what's it like working in The Royal London's Adult Critical Care Unit.

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Josh Gilchrist, band 6 nurse

Josh, ACCU nurse In some circumstances starting a new job in a new hospital can be an intimidating experience. The fear of the unknown, the unfamiliarity, meeting new people, making a good impression. All things that occupy your mind before you have even walked through the door. Fortunately, most of these feelings and anxieties were swiftly brushed aside by an inviting, warm and welcoming team.

I have worked in the ACCU at the Royal London for 6 months now (wow that's flown by), and I have never felt out of place or like 'the new guy'. The team have been extremely, welcoming, accommodating, patient, nurturing and supportive.

In my short time, I have quickly been developing my Charge Nurse skills, learning new ways of working, and I have been well looked after with regards to my work life balance.

I was quickly indoctrinated into the ethos of ACCU life and working; through a relatively robust and quick and painless induction programme, with more than adequate supranumerary time allocated.

Being given a reduced hour working contract at the request to pursue my academic interests was as easy as simply asking for it. simply requested it and my wish was granted without much negotiation. This was a big plus and tick in my book!

With regards to opportunity. There is plenty to sink your teeth into. If you're a management person, research person, equipment and policy guru - there is something for you.

Also, the introduction of regular outings with the HEMS team is something to be desired. Having the HEMS team reach out to the nursing staff to take us under their wing to observe what they do so well, is an opportunity few get to see. All in all, it is a great place to work! The team is something special and work extremely hard to achieve the best results for their patients and staff.

There is no shortage of dedication and desire, which is nicely reflected in their CQC results. Expertise and passion speaks for itself.

Brigitta Fazzini, band 6 nurse

Brigitta, ACCU I was attracted to the potential for developing knowledge and skills in critical care in a busy and interesting Trauma centre.

As a band 6, my role involves many different aspects, both clinical and managerial. My clinical role is looking after critical care patients and supporting their family and relatives through a difficult and stressful time. I also work as a clinical support nurse, supporting new starters during shifts in order to maintain excellent care. I also take charge of the unit, ensuring the delivering of high-quality care by the team. Mentoring new starters and students is very much part of my role. I am also actively involved in unit audits and in various unit projects (long-term patients’ team, renal replacement therapy team, senior staff meetings). 

My favourite aspect of my job? The opportunity to learn something new in every shift. There is such variety in what we do and there is always something new to learn so I can progress as a specialist practitioner. 

My biggest challenge? There are guidelines around education for critical care nurses and therefore we must undertake a postgraduate qualification in critical care nursing. My biggest challenge was getting through the critical care course. 

My proudest achievement? I am really proud to have been promoted as a band 6 on ACCU and have the opportunity to support the team and the unit. 

Fancy joining the team? Be ready to be proactive in your learning and to work in a busy and challenging, yet rewarding, critical care unit in a major trauma centre. 

Gil Figueiredo, band 6 nurse

Gil Figueiredo   I've been working on the adult critical care unit for two years and I have recently been appointed as a Band 6. Working on the ACCU is a very challenging job but very rewarding as well. All the team is extremely supportive and approachable.

Since I joined the learning curve has been incredible with lots of opportunities for development. I have had the opportunity to do my ICU course as well as in-house training days that are always very useful to expand skills and knowledge.

At the ACCU we look after some of the sickest patients in London and every day is a different day, the performance of the unit has been recognised nationally and internationally and we are proud to have been rated as "outstanding" for caring by the CQC. 

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If you would like to discuss any opportunities with members of our clinical team, please contact our matrons Nicola Rudkin and Helen Hewit. We would be happy to hear from you.

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