Allied health professionals

Our allied health professional teams (AHPs) offer a wide range of opportunities. Rewarding and worthwhile, they combine challenge and an interesting patient mix.

Our AHPs carry their own caseloads and work as autonomous professionals, working one-to-one with a patient to develop interactive therapies to aid recovery or working as part of a team or even leading one to care for a patient or a group of patients. This might mean working with other AHPs or other professionals such as GPs, hospital doctors, nurses, or social workers. No two days are ever the same.

Working across all our sites and within our community teams, AHP roles include:

  • Dietician
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Radiographer
  • Sonographer
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Chiropodist/Podiatrist
  • Clinical Scientist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Operating Department Practitioner
  • Orthoptist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Practitioner Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Hearing Aid Dispenser

Skills and requirements for the roles vary, but we look for people who are qualified in their chosen area of expertise, and who also want to work as part of a busy team. Team members have empathy, excellent communication and people skills and most importantly really want to make a difference to our patient’s lives and achieve the best possible clinical outcomes.

We are also fully committed to ensuring staff are supported in acquiring and developing the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their work safely and effectively, whilst achieving their potential through career development. We have a wide range of classroom based training courses, e-learning programmes and practical hands-on workshops, some of which lead to nationally recognised qualifications.