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The Barts Health internal Staff Bank is managed by Bank Partners.

By working through the bank you can work flexibly, choosing when and where you 
wish to work. With competitive pay rates, first choice of shifts, electronic timesheets and weekly pay.

Covid-19 risk assessments

We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all of our staff including bank colleagues.  You will be aware of the widely reported concerns about the impact of coronavirus on people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds as well as those with underlying conditions.   

We are including all of our bank workers in the process of completing risk assessments.  This is very much a supportive measure to ensure that we look after your safety and provide you with any support that you may need to continue to work safely.   We urge you to review the risk assessment along with accompanying guidelines. 

The risk assessment matrix is already in use for staff who are pregnant or vulnerable due to an underlying medical condition, and should now also be used to assess the risk and identify any measures needed to enable our BAME colleagues to work safely.

Complete the Covid-19 risk assessment questionnaire [docx] 87KB

When completing the risk assessment, you feel that you are at a moderate to high risk, or have concerns, then please discuss this with the line management at your next assignment.

We are aware that there are some areas with a significant number of staff who may require a risk assessment, and so some staff will be prioritised according to personal risk factors or particular workplace risk factors, for example people who deliver direct patient care or have contact with the patient environment. So that the managers can go through the risk assessment with you, please do request this during daytime shifts.

If you would like a risk assessment to be carried out and you are struggling to get this done at your work placement or, if you have any queries, please let the Staff Bank know and we will do our best to assist you.







Over 55 BME/Over 60 White

50 to 55 BME

Below the age of 49


BME OVER 55/White over 60

BME Under 55


Disability/Underlying Health Condition

Known underlying health condition

Underlying healthcondition is mild or well managed

No underlying health condition


Over 28 weeks (should be advised to work from home)

Under 28 weeks (can continue working, subject to modifications including redeployment to suitable alternative duties.)

Not pregnant


Male BME

Male White over 60



BMI 40 or over

BMI under 40