Barts Health Orthopaedic Centre - Frailty Fractures

The Barts Health Orthopaedic Centre for frailty fractures is based at Whipps Cross Hospital.

About us

The dedicated team at our specialist frailty fracture clinic work in lots of different areas and are creating a world-class centre of excellence for people with fragility fractures, particularly older people. By centralising this specialist expertise, the team will improve outcomes for patients. 

Providing Specialist Support

At our frailty fracture clinic, we provide a lots of different support. In particular, we’re experts in treating and caring for elderly people with fractures.

Our team use specialist techniques to when performing surgery to treat fractures of the upper and lower limbs. These techniques, along with the specialist therapy services we provide, help make sure patients stays mobile and maintain their independence.

As well as treating these fractures, our teams provide preventative medical support to reduce the chances of someone falling or injuring themselves and experiencing another fracture.