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Whether you’re from the UK, mainland Europe or beyond, we would like you to consider joining #TeamBartsHealth where you can contribute your skills, knowledge and experience to providing safe and compassionate care for our patients.

All EU citizens will need to apply to obtain status in UK law. 

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If you require any support, please read our Frequently asked questions and find our contact details here - our team will be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have.

EU Citizens' rights to treatment

Summary for European Union citizens living or visiting the UK

From 1 January 2021 free movement in the UK ended. The UK government has introduced a points-based immigration system.

The Trust has a legal duty to recover costs from patients not entitled to free NHS hospital treatment. We must charge any patient not entitled to free hospital care for the treatment they receive. If a medical or service exemption applies, there is no charge.

Patients not entitled to free care must pay in advance for non-urgent treatment.

We take pride in providing quality care for all our patients. We do not wish to deter anyone from seeking treatment.

Any treatment that we deem:

  • immediately necessary
  • Any maternity care

Is always provided. That applies even if a patient indicates that they cannot afford to pay.

Please read our Frequently asked questions for more details.

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Contact us - our team will be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, treatment, and vaccine

Overseas visitors to England, which includes anyone living in the UK without permission, are not charged for:

  • Testing for coronavirus (even if the test shows you do not have coronavirus)
  • Treatment for coronavirus

Charges may apply to any secondary illness that may be present. This applies even if treatment is necessary to successfully treat the condition (unless a personal or medical exemption applies).

The vaccine for COVID-19 is outside the scope of charging.