Continence service

The service is provided by specialist continence nurses (SCN) with advanced theoretical and knowledge of bladder and bowel dysfunction. We offer advice, training and an advanced specialist clinical service in the prevention and treatment of incontinence.

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About the Continence Service

We independently manage patients with complex bowel and bladder dysfunction across Tower Hamlets and within Barts Health. We recognise that urinary/faecal incontinence compromises skin integrity which contributes to the development of pressure ulcers and can also result in falls. 

As expert nurses, we deliver effective and timely care which is essential for patients to enable adaptation and acceptance to life changing events. Our services include education of patients, relatives, carers and health care professionals. We provide consultancy as well as expert clinical skills. We care passionately about the care we provide our patients and the skills and knowledge we share with other healthcare professionals. All of our patient referrals are triaged to make sure they get the right care they need.

We provide information and support for patients during their hospital stay and when they are discharged. We support the continuity of care and provide on-going support through follow-up arrangements which include onward referral to a local continence nurse specialist (if the patient is discharged to another area) telephone contact, home visits and/or at clinic appointments.

Accessing this service

Referrals are taken from all health care professionals, social services and patients by email, phone, fax or letter. We aim to respond within five to seven working days.

Community referrals tel: 020 8223 8887
Community referrals fax: 020 8223 8472

The Royal London and St Bartholomew’s referrals tel: 020 3594 2682
Whips Cross referrals tel: 020 8539 5522 ext 5509. 
Bleep 566 (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)
Newham referrals tel: 020 7476 4000 ext 8865 (Wednesday and Thursday)

Who will I see?

You will be seen in the community by one of the three specialist nurses. Inpatients are seen by either of our nurses based in the hospitals.

Location of the Continence Services

Community Continence Service 
Second Floor, Bancroft Unit 
Mile End Hospital 
Bancroft Road 
London, E1 4DG

For enquiries or to make, cancel or change an appointment, contact the Continence Service on: 020 8223 8887

Community led clinics in Tower Hamlets

Steels Lane Health Centre
384-398 Commercial Road
London, E1 0LR

Leopold Street Clinic 
Leopold Street 
London, E3 4LA

Barkantine Practice
121 Westferry Road
Isle of Dogs
London, E14 8JE

Spitalfield health Centre
20 Old Montague Street 
London, E1 5PB

Mile End Hospital (see address above)

Continence Services for clinicians

Please see information under accessing this service here.