COVID-19 research studies

COVID-19 research studies

Taking part in Covid-19 clinical trials and studies 

If you are a patient presenting with Covid-19 symptoms at one of our hospitals, you may be approached with information about clinical trials and other studies we are running and we will invite you to consider taking part. To help you decide whether you want to take part, a member of staff will explain what the study or studies involve and answer any questions you might have. They will also give you patient information sheets (PIS) about the studies. You are under no obligation to say yes, and your standard care will not be affected if you decide not to take part.

In cases where a patient with Covid-19 symptoms, is unable to consent to take part in a study themselves, we will approach their next of kin to ask their opinion whether the patient would want to be involved or not. If you know already that taking part in Covid-19 research is something you would like to do, talk to your next of kin and share your views with them.

Covid-19 research studies open at Barts Health

Please click on the three links below for the different types of Covid-19 research studies open at Barts Health (NB you will need to zoom in on the PDFs)

Clinical trials 

Basic science studies 

Studies looking at data 


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Read about others who have taken part in research

In 2018/2019 over 1 million people took part in research. This public participation has helped provide valuable knowledge to help people live healthier and better lives now and in the future. 

Read about the experiences of others taking part in research at the NIHR website and the Healthtalk website