Our improvement

Our vision is to be a high-performing group of NHS hospitals, renowned for excellence and innovation, providing safe and compassionate care to our patients in east London and beyond. 

In September 2015 we published an ambitious improvement plan called Safe and Compassionate in response to feedback from our staff, our partners and inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It was our blueprint for making sure all of our patients in all of our hospitals receive safe and compassionate care as a matter of course.

Since then, a lot has improved at Barts Health.

  • We revamped the entire leadership operating model through which governs our group of hospitals
  • We put safety at the forefront of our work, for example holding daily safety huddles to focus our priorities each day, and campaigns to reduce pressure ulcers and patient falls
  • We prioritised building a stronger workforce by recruiting more permanent staff and supporting and developing them our workforce
  • We adopted a new approach to engaging with patients so their feedback now drives improvement.
  • We put staff at the centre of change every step of the way through Listening into Action
  • We addressed over 70 areas where the CQC had found our services to be noncompliant with regulations. 

The journey ahead

To meet our ambition of excellence, it’s crucial that we recognise where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. In 2016 we refreshed our improvement plan, Safe and Compassionate 2: our ambition for excellenceto reflect the achievements we've made so far, and some of the challenges that lie ahead.

We have set our ambition, established our blueprint and achieved a great deal, but we must now strive for excellence in everything we do. Our plan, Safe and Compassionate 3: Getting to good and outstanding, outlines our plan for continuous quality improvement. And our patient experience strategy [pdf] 8MB sets out how we're ensuring our patients are a part of this improvement journey.