Key contacts for GPs and health partners

For GPs and other clinicians considering referring patients to us, but who require advice before doing so, there are a range of contact options available.

Access Issues Resolution Service (AIRS)

For GPs or patients having difficulty accessing our services, please contact the Access Issues Resolution Service (AIRS). AIRS is a dedicated helpline offering fast and effective resolution of booking and scheduling issues. The AIRS team strengthens, supports and complements existing Trust resources by providing a dedicated channel that patients and GPs can contact. It liaises with the relevant teams and individuals in the Trust to resolve the issue.

Tel: 020 7377 7074 

The Trust has committed to responding to the patient and/or GP within 24 hours and making our best endeavours to resolve the issue within five working days.

AIRS communicates with both the patient and the GP surgery to ensure that all parties are regularly updated with developments and resolutions.

Urgent clinical advice

GP hotline

For emergency admissions, please contact our on-call medical and surgical doctors through the GP hotline:

Tel: 020 3594 0440

This number is for emergency admissions and emergency advice only. You will be transferred to the appropriate bleep or extension number. Clinicians from other hospitals wishing to make emergency referrals should also use the GP hotline.

GPs can also contact a medical consultant in the Medical Assessment Unit, 9am-8pm, Monday to Friday: 020 3594 5642.

On-call numbers

There are also numbers for our on-call teams for urgent admissions (this is not by any means exhaustive list). Please note there may be occasional instances when the on call team can not answer your call (e.g because they are in theatre or in a lift)

On-call numbers
Speciality Number        Comments
Acute medicine on-call 020 3594 5642       8am - 9pm Monday to Friday/9pm - 8am out of hours
Arrythmia clinic 020 3465 6767 For advice M-F
Cancer advice line 079 1709 3739 24/7
Emergency Gynae Unit-for early pregnancy problems 020 3594 1579 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday/ 8.30am - 1.30pm on Saturdays. Call ward 8B outside of these hours
ENT on call 020 3594 5656  
Fracture clinic 020 3594 0163 To discuss referrals to fracture clinic
General Surgery oncall 020 3594 5690/1  
Gynaecology on-call 020 3594 5719  
Neurology on-call (advice) 020 3594 5652 For urgent neurology admissions please contact the acute medical team.
Neurosurgery on-call 020 3594 5649 24/7
Obstetric consultant on-call 020 3594 5635  
Orthopaedics on-call 020 3594 5674 24/7
TIA/Stroke on-call team 020 3594 5651/020 3594 5672 Reg 9am - 5pm/SHO 24/7
Urology on-call 020 3594 5705/020 3594 5706 Reg 9am - 5pm/SHO 24/7
Virology 020 3246 0364 For out of hours, phone the on-call microbiologist via switchboard

Speaking to a specific consultant

GPs who urgently need to speak to a specific consultant about a patient can contact them via their secretaries or on their mobile phone numbers during working hours.

To do this, please call the GP hotline on 020 3594 0440. For specific patients, you may be asked to leave your mobile number and our team will call you back.

Non-urgent advice and guidance

Non-urgent advice and guidance is available for GPs and other clinicians considering referring patients to us, but who require advice before doing so. Read our full list of advice contact details.

Paediatric hotline (Tower Hamlets)

This is a hotline number for GPs to access consultant-level advice and guidance for children in Tower Hamlets. The hotline can also be used to discuss rapid access outpatient referrals into paediatrics.

Tel: 07919598173

It is now open 9am-8pm, Monday to Thursday. 9am-5pm Friday. Out of these hours, urgent calls should still be directed to the Paediatric SpR on call.

Pathology results

GP practices in Tower Hamlets can now access pathology results requested by Trust doctors through EMIS Cyberlab.

There is also a pathology results hotline for GPs: 020 3246 0346.

Delays in receiving pathology results

For issues in relation to delays in receiving results please call or email the following:

Tel: 020 7377 7667
Availability: working hours/days are every Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30am-5pm.