Lotus Birth Centre

Lotus Birth Centre

Our birth centre

The Lotus Birth Centre is a midwifery-led unit within the obstetric unit at The Royal London Hospital and is suitable for women with low risk pregnancies.  

Midwife-led units provide more individual and tailored care to women with less intervention,  however our skilled obstetricians and anaesthetists are not far away if a birth progresses into high risk.

The Centre contains four birthing rooms named by local women; Cinnamon, Camomile, Juniper and Saffron. Every birthing room has an en-suite with a double bed and flat screen TV, plus a sofa for any visiting family or friends. 

"I am proud that the centre has developed from what local women told us they wanted. We are providing women with the safe, compassionate care with the relaxed birthing experience they asked for and right on their doorstep where they wanted it."

Lisa Greene, centre manager 

The Centre also has other facilities:

  • The Bumblebee Lounge for women attending for postnatal and antenatal care
  • A triage area for antenatal and postnatal care and women who attend The Royal London in the early stages of labour so they can go home again after being seen
  • A milk storage room and a beverage room so parents can help themselves to drinks and store food from home

Our specialist midwives are fully trained in supporting women to give birth naturally using water births, birthing positions and breathing techniques to control their labour, with gas and air to keep women as comfortable as possible.