Our museums and archives

Displays at the Royal London Hospital Museum

Our hospitals have long and important histories, and have cared for the people of London over many centuries.

Each has maintained a distinguished medical and nursing tradition throughout their history and claim many eminent physicians and surgeons amongst their past and present alumni and staff.

St Bartholomew's and The Royal London museums tell the stories of these renowned institutions, celebrate their achievements and explain their place in history in more detail. They remember the people who have worked at our hospitals and the many thousands of past patients who have been treated and cared for. 

These hospitals also hold archives, which consist of the documents and records that need to be permanently preserved for legal, financial and historical purposes, not just of the hospitals in the current Barts Health Trust, but also of thirty current and former hospitals located in the City and East London and beyond. The archives can be accessed by appointment, by anyone from family and local history researchers to current clinicians and academic historians. 

The archives receives regular transfers of records from within the Trust through the corporate records management process, but the archives and museums do accept some donations of material from external organisations or individuals. For more information about what we collect, please refer to our Collections development and acquisition policy [pdf].

Please contact us before sending any records or objects you wish to donate to our collections. Unsolicited donations sent without contact details of the donor may be disposed of.