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Helping families stay updated about their loved one

Newham Hospital has launched a Family Contact Centre to help families stay updated about their loved one while they are in hospital.

The Family Contact Centre, made up of nurses and administrators, will provide a point of contact for families who can ask for information about their loved one by e-mail or telephone. These messages will be relayed to the ward teams who can provide responses, bringing families closer together while visiting restrictions remain in place. 

Victorial Turone, family liaison officer at Newham Hospital, said: 

“Due to the current restricted visiting restrictions, we are receiving high volumes of concerns from families who are anxious about not being able to receive updates about their loved ones. To meet this need, we set up the Family Contact Centre as a way to reassure families during this difficult time and to help keep the spirits of patients high.”

In addition to helping alleviate the worry felt by families of the people we’re looking after, the Family Contact Centre will also relieve the pressure on the wards. Staff can rest in the knowledge that this important task is being undertaken for them.

The Family Contact Centre will:

  • Visit wards to ask if they have any patients who would like us to make a call
  • Pass on any queries from families to the clinical team
  • Visit the wards to speak directly to the patient (if their condition allows)
  • Assist patient to make video calls if they are well enough
  • Ask the clinical team caring for a patient to call the family if the patient is very unwell or unstable.

Get in contact with the Family Contact Centre

Telephone: 020 7363 9047


Our team includes:

Jill Ayres, matron

Desiree Campell–Richards, registered nurse

Victoria Turone, family liaison officer

Paula Richardson, office manager


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  1. Laila Kibria Monday, 11 January 2021 at 04:07 PM

    I am very impressed and please to see the support during this difficult time of the pandemic to our service users and their family.
    We are trying our best to support our service users for Bart's health and if any language supported needed for any patients especially covid patient and I can understand their frustration by not having any family members beside them during this difficult time.
    Please contact us and we will be pleased to support any patient during this difficult time for our ethnic minority community.