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Media statement regarding our care of Tafida Raqeeb

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Statement from Alistair Chesser, Chief Medical Officer for Barts Health NHS Trust, on Tafida Raqeeb case:

 “We followed the guidance of the General Medical Council and referred this tragic case to the Family Division of the High Court to reach an independent view about Tafida’s best interests.

"The High Court weighed up clinical and ethical considerations and decided on the balance of evidence that life-sustaining treatment should continue. After careful consideration regarding the wider implications of the judgment, we have decided not to appeal.

"Our doctors and nurses will continue to provide Tafida with the best possible care as long as she continues to be our patient. We will also support the family as they make alternative arrangements for Tafida’s care.

"This is a difficult situation for everyone involved, and we are grateful to the Judge for his guidance about what is best for Tafida in the unique and unfortunate circumstances set out in his ruling.”

Notes to editor:

Our clinicians always aim to reach an agreement with parents about the most appropriate care for their child.

Unfortunately there are sometimes rare situations where an agreement cannot be reached, and where the treating team believe that continued treatment is not in the best medical interests of a child.  

In such situations we are expected to follow the national guidance of the General Medical Council, and seek an independent legal view about the overall best interests of the child. The role of the Family Division of the High Court is to determine this, balancing medical factors against any other relevant considerations.