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Musculoskeletal Health in the Workplace Conference

Do you suffer from back pain or musculo-skeletal (MSK) issues?

If yes, then join the moving and handling team on the 4th November (It's a Wednesday) for a day of:

  • Osteopathy sessions
  • Physiotherapy from OH services
  • Alexander technique sessions
  • Pilates classes
  • MSK specialist guest presenters
  • Occupational health advisors
  • Specialist seating companies
  • Health and safety advisors
  • Practical DSE workstation advice on setting up and adjusting your chair and workstation.
  • Lunch and refreshments, quizzes and prizes.

All places must be reserved in advance!

Please send emails requesting a place on the conference to the moving and handling administrator.

Presentations and Speakers - 2019 Conference

Valerie Conference Intro.pptx [pptx] 331KB - Valerie Phillips

Valerie Phillips Who Cares for your hoist.pptx [pptx] 1MB - Valerie Phillips

Beaux Bryant DSE.pptx [pptx] 3MB - Beaux Bryant

Danielle Holmes legal Cases.ppt [ppt] 9MB - Danielle Holmes

Katharine Metters Posturite.pptx [pptx] 11MB - Katharine Metters

Presentations and Speakers - 2018 Conference


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  1. Bukola Oshin [Bukky] Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 10:09 PM

    May I just asked some silly questions, Your treatments for musculoskeletal injuries aim to Optimise healing, Speed the recovery process, Increase strength, Restore normal movement, Decrease pain, Decrease swelling and inflammation, Increase independence, will you be developing your treatment based on the above subject ?