NHS Nightingale London Hospital

Read our statement from Charles Knight, CEO Nightingale London

NHS Nightingale London has been specially constructed to support all NHS London hospitals in the event of a surge of COVID-19. The hospital is designed to provide care for patients who have already been intubated and ventilated and require further intensive care treatment for COVID-19.

Based at the ExCeL conference centre in east London, the hospital can provide up to 500 intensive care beds, fully equipped with ventilators and oxygen. If the hospital is required to be fully operational, it would be the largest intensive care unit in Europe, with trained critical care doctors, nurses and associated support staff, ensuring the appropriate treatment and care for patients. 

The final patients have left the hospital, and the facility has been placed on standby, ready to resume operations as and when is needed. 

Work is also underway to consider how the NHS Nightingale London's role may further adapt.

Nightingale London’s role would be to help other NHS London hospitals free up intensive care beds, if required. This creates the potential to help them to resume normal health service provision, as well as allowing NHS London to remodel its intensive care capacity, as the NHS seeks to resume activity that had to be paused in the first phase of NHS London's response to the pandemic. 

NHS Nightingale London will remain a specialist treatment hospital for as long as it’s needed. It will not be available for ‘walk in’ treatment. The hospital will only receive patients who have already been intubated and ventilated at other London hospitals.‚Äč