Get involved in research

Get involved in research

Nursing, midwifery and AHP research

Our Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHP) research hub is a new entity specifically aimed at and created for, nurses, midwives and allied healthcare professionals across the trust. It is led by nursing and AHP senior researchers and aims to provide a virtual environment that NMAHPs from across the trust can engage with for anything research related.

Collaboration between NMAHP and medical research

The first objective of Barts Health NHS Trust is to deliver outstanding patient care, and our research is critical to achieving this. Research active healthcare organisations have been shown to deliver better outcomes for their patients, partly because of a better organisational culture and partly because they are well placed to identify and implement new innovations. Thus, we are committed to promoting and developing clinical and academic excellence in all healthcare professions and across all specialities at our Trust.

Nursing and AHP Researchers

We are proud to be continuously developing research opportunities for NAHPs at Barts Health NHS Trust. In addition to our two NAHP senior researchers (see below), we support a number of staff on various parts of the clinical academic pathway (internships, pre-doctoral, doctoral, and post-doctoral) and actively encourage and promote research in practice.

Nursing and AHP Senior Researchers

Our NAHP senior researchers are Dr Deanna Gibbs (neonatal occupational therapist) and Professor Julie Sanders (cardiovascular nurse). Between them, they have a wealth of clinical research experience in their respective specialities and in increasing NAHP research capacity and capability. Dr Gibbs is Director of Clinical Research for Neonates and Children and provides clinical academic career development opportunities and support for research in practice for nurses and AHPs working in Children’s and Neonatal services across the Trust. Professor Sanders is Director of Clinical Research at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Clinical Professor of Cardiovascular Nursing at the William Harvey Research Institute at QMUL, offering research in practice and clinical academic career development opportunities to NAHP and Health Care Scientists working at SBH. Find out more about their research and opportunities they offer here.

Developing clinical academics – nursing and AHP

  • Post-doctoral Nursing and AHP staff in Barts Health NHS Trust post-doc staff across the Trust
  • Nursing and AHP Doctoral students
  • NIHR interns