Obstetric Unit

Obstetric Unit

Our unit

The Royal London Hospital Maternity Unit provides state of the art facilities and high-quality care for women who choose to give birth here. Our obstetric unit is the recommended place of birth for women with complicated pregnancies or those who go into labour before 37 weeks. The Unit is also available for women who would like a natural birth experience with medical expertise close by.

What we offer you

  • High quality obstetric-led and midwifery care during your labour and birth, in a modern, welcoming environment
  • Access to experienced staff and clinicians
  • Excellent facilities
  • 24 hour access to a range of pain relief in labour including epidural
  • A high dependency unit for mothers who develop complications around the time of birth and who require close monitoring
  • A Level 3 neonatal unit for babies born prematurely or needing additional support after birth
  • Support and care after your baby is born, until you are discharged from hospital or to the postnatal ward

Why chose us?

The obstetric unit teams are highly skilled and can deal with any event during labour and birth, from normal to births that may require some medical assistance.

Should you require support from our obstetricians, anaesthetists or neonatologists during labour or birth, you will not need to be transferred to another ward as our staff are available on delivery unit 24 hours a day.

Care in labour

Our experienced midwives and obstetricians are here to support you during your labour and birth. We encourage you to write a birth plan in preparation for your labour to help the team carry out your wishes. Active birth equipment such as birth balls, bean bags and birth stools, are available in our birthing rooms. These can be used even if you require continuous monitoring of your baby during labour, so do ask your midwife.

Our facilities include:

  • 24 hour triage area (a place where women are seen with new and acute problems in pregnancy)
  • Induction of labour suites
  • Early labour suites
  • Birthing rooms
  • Birthing rooms with pools
  • Obstetric Theatres
  • High Dependency Unit

Labour and birth do not always go to plan. Our specialist staff and excellent facilities are available to cover all outcomes, for both you and your baby. We strive to make sure that all plans for your care are clearly discussed with you so that you are actively involved in all decisions.

We are a tertiary referral centre which means we provide care for women with complex pregnancies. In some cases, this will include working with colleagues from other medical and surgical teams.

After the birth of your baby

Once your baby is born we will support you to get to know your baby and learn how to feed baby. The preparation to return home will include:

  • Baby feeding support and advice
  • Full newborn examination prior to leaving hospital
  • Newborn hearing screening prior to leaving hospital
  • Follow up care will be organised by your local community midwife

Visitors and visiting hours

You can choose up to two birth partners to be with you during your labour and birth. Family and friends can be called by you, with news of what is happening. Please be aware that we have limited waiting areas available in the hospital. 

During your stay on the delivery suite, visiting is limited to your birth partner. This is in order to maintain safety on the unit. Other relatives and friends will be able to visit you on the postnatal ward. Normally women stay for 1- 2 nights after the birth.

For visiting times on our wards please see the visiting our wards section on our website.