Private and overseas patients

If you are visiting the UK from overseas

The National Health Service only provides free hospital treatment for people who live lawfully in the United Kingdom. If you are visiting the UK but live elsewhere, you are not automatically entitled to free hospital care, even if you hold a British passport.

We have to ask all patients who are admitted to provide information about their nationality and where they live and you may be asked to provide evidence. If you live overseas, you will be considered a private patient and the paying patients department will deal with the administration of your stay.

The Paying Patients Department can advise you on the recovering the costs of your stay, your eligibility and the potential costs of your stay.

To contact the Paying Patients Department, please email the hospital you intend to use:

For more information on eligibility to NHS treatment and Home Office queries, visit the Department of Health website or the Home Office website.

Need more information on who has the right to receive free hospital treatment? The leaflets below include useful information on the information you can use to show you are entitled and contact details for how to find out more:

Newham Hospital - Overseas Patient Information

Royal London Hospital - Overseas Patient Information