Research Mentorship Programme

If you're interested in a long-term clinical research nursing career in imaging, our research mentorship programme can help you navigate and develop your career. We're offering a 12-month bespoke programme as part of the Clinical Diagnostics and Interventional Research Facility.

We're the highest patient recruiter for clinical research studies nationally and a centre of excellence for clinical research across many different specialities. As part of our programme we may allow participants to assist in the development of a specific clinical trial within imaging and to set the foundation for grant development to support the trial. Study design and implementation will be discussed where information, ideas, guidance and support are shared, and where mentoring relationships can be developed.

The research mentorship programme will provide opportunities for participants who wish to take up further training to work towards a long-term career in clinical research by going through a rigorous in-house training and studying programme.  

Our main goal is to create a successful innovation pathway by way of training and supporting the nursing workforce through our research mentorship programme that could help sustain long-term health care needs through clinical research within NHS organisations.

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about our research mentorship programme, please contact Gayathri Delanerolle: