Shape your story at The Royal London

Shape your story at The Royal London

#shapeyourstory with the Adult Critical Care Team

The Royal London Hospital is the UK’s largest trauma centre and leads the trauma network for North East London and Essex.

Our 44 bedded Adult Critical Care Unit is a leading specialist centre with an international reputation for caring for critically injured patients across London, serviced by London’s Air Ambulance service.

We are extremely proud to have been rated as providing ‘outstanding’ care by the CQC in 2019 and were finalists at the Nursing Times Awards 2016 for the best student placement of the year. We were one of the major trauma centres that treated and cared for victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack in 2017.

We're looking for enthusiastic and talented Band 6 nurses to join our award winning team. To be right for the role you'll need with a postgraduate qualification in critical care to join our world class Adult Critical Care Unit.

How to apply

Apply to be a Critical Care Staff Nurse – Band 5

Apply to be a Critical Care Sister/Charge Nurse – Band 6

If you're interested in applying for one of our posts but are unable to attend the interview date advertised, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss arrangements more suitable for you.

Flexible Interview Arrangements

If you're interested in applying for a post but are unable to attend on the date advertised, please contact Musawar Hayat and we will make more suitable arrangements for you.

Becky's story

Meet Becky Becky started here nursing career in Birmingham, but then decided to take the plunge and move to The Royal London Hospital, read about her experience:

“It was by word of mouth that I heard about The Royal London Hospital, and it was nothing but positive, so applied for the junior sister post on the adult critical care unit.

“Moving from one city to another can be pretty hectic, but the matrons on the unit were really flexible with my start date and helped with my accommodation - there is very much an open door policy here.

“I was welcomed into a great team environment, during your first few weeks of supernumerary you work with similar people so you get to know others quite quickly. There are lots of social events to keep you busy too – our most recent trip was to Brussels over Christmas.

“I have learnt more in the last 18 months at The Royal London than in my whole career.  You not only learn about your own capability but you pick up skills from others around you too.

“There is also lots of opportunity for training; I was offered an intermediate life support course as soon as joined, and I am just finishing my trauma training – this is one of the reasons why I wanted to join the team.  

“This is my first junior sister post, and I’ve felt nothing but supported. As a new starter you are allocated appropriate patients based on your skills, as your confidence and knowledge grows you are given a wider range of patients to look after.


“The patients and the families that come through our doors will remember this experience for the rest of their life, it is a privilege to be with them in their time of need. The care, attention and concern we show towards them can be really impactful.

“We have psychologist which provides mental health wellbeing support for our team, patients and their families too. It is good to know this help is there if you’ve had a tough day.

“If you’re thinking about making your next step, I say go for it! London isn’t as daunting as you may think it is and I working in adult critical care is great!”

Jade's story

Jade's story Jade joined The Royal London Hospital in 2018. Find out why below:

“I began my career in a smaller intensive care unit with no speciality. If I was going to move another critical care unit, I thought what better than the largest one in London!

“This is my first junior sister role and I’ve never taken charge of a department, so it was little nerve-wracking. However, I was well supported by the rest of the team and the senior sisters helped me ease into my new position.

“Progression and learning is really valued here. Once you become a junior sister you are offered a neuro or a trauma course, so you  can specialise in those areas if you want to.  We also work on a template basis,  so you know which weekends you’ll be working – very helpful for wedding and social planning!

“I did feel like I was jumping into the deep end when I first moved to The Royal London, but the team  helped me to settle, learn and do the best job I can. If you’re thinking about moving, I would recommend it.”

Edmund's story

Meet Edmund Edmund has worked in my many areas during his career, including A&E. Here is why he joined the adult critical care unit as a staff nurse:

“What drew me to The Royal London Hospital, was the major trauma centre and the experience I would get from working in a busy unit. I’ve been working here for 2 years, and I really enjoy it.

“Is there lots of opportunity? Very much so! I’ve just finished my intensive care course, and I feel in critical care there is more chance to progress than anywhere else. It is also very interesting clinically, and they train you to a high level, so you feel prepared for whatever may come through the door.

“Our professional development nurses are great too, that make sure you take your study days which is really important.

“Our team is big, welcoming and friendly. You’ll meet lots of people and make lots of friends. If you are ready to learn and be in a place that is busy – then adult critical care may be for you!”

Roisin's story

Roisin's story Meet Roisin, she is a staff nurse on the adult critical unit at The Royal London Hospital. Here is her story:

“The Royal London Hospital has a brilliant reputation , and moving to a major trauma centre was always a goal of mine.  That’s why after a period of time in district nursing I decided to make the move.

“As a staff nurse there is a huge amount of opportunity to up-skill, progress and learn in ACCU. As soon as I began I was put on a learning programme (named a steps book). From there you are allocated a mentor who works with you to achieve the goals in your timeline. Once you finish the steps, you aim for the next course – it is a great way to track your progress.

“It can be daunting joining a busy intensive care unit our patients come are very sick.  During each shift I feel supported by the team and my managers, if I have any concerns, or questions I know that a fellow team member will be there to help me.

“The team is what really makes the adult critical care unit, we have away days twice year and social events.

“Each day I feel inspired by the people I work with,  your career is invested in and the team want you to succeed. We care not just about our patients, but each other too.”

Working at The Royal London Hospital

Working at The Royal London is a truly unique experience. Nestled in the heart of Whitechapel, moments from the tube station, the internationally renowned teaching hospital offers you the chance to work with some of the most innovative people in medicine.

Our work

Our 727 bed hospital is housed in two 17 storey towers, one with a helipad for London’s Air Ambulance, and a 10 storey tower which opened in 2012 housing a health campus with Queen Mary University of London’s medical school, the school of midwifery and the Dental Hospital. The contemporary buildings reflect the innovation inside and our staff are, quite rightly, extremely proud to work in such an exciting and dynamic environment.

The Royal London Hospital is the UK’s largest trauma centre and leads the trauma network for north east London and Essex. Our 44 bed adult critical care unit is a leading specialist centre with an international reputation for caring for critically injured patients across London, services by London’s Air Ambulance service.

As well as working with trauma, we are home to London’s busiest paediatric A&E department and one of the largest children’s hospitals in the UK. The Royal London has been recognised for the best care for stroke patients across London and the renal services have also won awards for their innovative approaches. Our maternity services at The Royal London are world renowned and the Barkantine Birth Centre was recently named “the best model of care” in the Better Births report by Baroness Cumberlege.

Your career

Our team at The Royal London praise the supportive environment, and while the hospital is certainly busy, staff are calm and caring offering help to one another as well as to patients.  The nature of the work at The Royal London means that you would be working with cutting edge practitioners and with our easily organised rotations you can really explore which area you want to work in – you will never get bored!

If you enjoy working with people from all walks of life and like working with a variety of patients and cases, whatever your interest, you will love working here at The Royal London.

Working in Whitechapel

The hospital is located to the east of the city of London, and is the perfect location whether you want to live nearby or further afield as transport links into Whitechapel bring you in from every direction and you just have to cross the road to get to work. The endless high quality restaurants, bustling markets and beautiful old buildings in the areas mean it is tempting to just stay local, and the local multicultural community will make sure you are welcomed.