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Meet Amy, band 5 nurse, SBH

I qualified in 2019, and I started working on one of the cardiothoracic wards. I was redeployed to the ACCU in September 2020 for a period of three months before the second wave of the pandemic.

However, I decided to continue working in the department (ACCU) because I keep learning new things and the support from everyone is second to none. Prior to my redeployment I was very sceptical, feeling I do not have enough knowledge as a nurse to cope with the fast paced activities in the unit, but my experience has been different because from the very first day I joined the unit, I felt this sense of belonging, as I was treated as one of them already. 

Learning new stuff is never ending, and what makes it more interesting is that there is always an experienced member of staff on-hand available to guide and teach you. Also, there are dedicated engineers in the unit to support with the use of equipment.

Furthermore, as a parent, shifts work can be stressful and a bit daunting sometimes, but being able to do my own rota has really made work-life balance a dream come true for me and my family and I have saved a lot of money on childcare as a result. 

I am in one of the most amazing team, where your wellbeing is important to other team members, as everyone will always ask me if I am okay, or if I need any support with anything/learning. My manager is amazing because she always follows us (team members) up with emails etc, to make sure we are okay, making sure we are up to date with trainings. I am looking forward to my ECMO foundation study day which will be in a few weeks, I am really excited about it as that training will take my learning and career to another level. Also, I am looking forward to starting my ITU course in 2022.

I have had nothing but an amazing experience in the unit since I joined the ACCU. Everyone has been amazing and has contributed immensely to my learning. I am so proud of everyone in the department, and I am very lucky to be a part of the team.