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Meet Angelica, band 7 nurse, NH

I have been working at Newham intensive care for over 20 years now and I consider myself lucky and privileged to work with such a friendly unit which I call my second home.

What I like most about working here is being a part of such a wonderful nursing team. Work is a lot easier if you have the same values and goals. At Newham ITU we are also provided with lots of opportunities to enhance our skills and knowledge through on-going education.

Working in ITU has been incredibly challenging, and caring for critically ill patients is emotionally and physically demanding. But having the passion for the job and knowing you make a difference in somebody’s life is what matters to me most.

Coming to the UK has been life changing for me. I have to admit it has not been an easy journey to adapt with the culture and environment, but looking back I would never change a thing. It has defined who am I now, and what I am really passionate about is caring for the patients and helping my other junior colleague grow to become the best critical care nurses.