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Meet Carlton, band 7 nurse, NH

meet carlton

I qualified as a nurse over 20 years ago and have served in several different capacities during my nursing career within the NHS. Throughout my nursing career I have venture further a field to work in Canada and Afghanistan to name a few places.

Ever since I started working in Intensive care over a decade ago, the field has developed significantly both in nursing and medical practices. It is one of the fastest developing areas in healthcare, coupled with frequent technological and medical advancements.

Working in critical care has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience for me. Being employed in the role of a critical care nurse at Newham Hospital ICU has facilitated the opportunity for me to work with several different medical conditions, delivery nursing care to a wide cross section of patients, from several different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This has led to a tenfold increase in my clinical and nursing knowledge.

In my experience, Newham Hospital provides an excellent place to develop into a competent practitioner, with its friendly working environment, approachable senior management team and a fully committed on site professional development facilitator team. There are a wide range of courses and learning opportunities available to staff from all clinical backgrounds. 

Who would have thought that as a nurse I would be provided with the opportunity of enrolling in a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program? Surprisingly, my classmates were from a wide range of professionals; doctors, consultants, and a few directors, all of whom were employed at Barts Health NHS Trust. This goes to show that professional development is at the forefront of Barts Health, and Newham is right at the top of this.

Understandable, as I recall my first encounter in critical care, it can be an unnerving and daunting experience entering an intensive care unit for the first time; but be assured that the critical care teamwork is exemplary, and all of my fellow co-workers at Newham Hospital are committed, hardworking and extremely competent. Professionally, my experience in ICU at Newham hospital has been a fulfilling and life changing encounter; and I have learnt and developed significantly over the years both as a nurse and a clinical leader.