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Meet Kalpana, band 6 nurse, NH

I am a band 6 junior sister currently working in intensive care unit (ITU) at Newham Hospital (NH). I highly recommend joining NH ITU if you are looking for attractive career prospects, enhancing one's skills and knowledge to an advanced level and of course, joining a great team of nursing staff continuously striving for delivery of safe, compassionate and a high-quality care to all our patients.

Talking about my background, I graduated in adult nursing degree from City University London. Straight after I started working in the medical general/respiratory ward where I get to look after a set of patients from different walks of life, with different health conditions such as asthma, COPD, tracheostomy, diabetic, sickle cell crisis, end of life and oncology.

Providing a holistic care to all our patients were a key to this rewarding journey. In order to explore new work setting, to amplify my current skills and knowledge and for personal growth, I joined ITU. My previous experience, skills and knowledge were really advantageous in bridging my placement in ITU.

Although initial days were challenging and nerve-wracking, with my positive mindset, learning attitude and generous support from the ITU team, I have come this far. PDN here in ITU was really supportive from day one, equipping you with necessary learning materials needed to look after critically ill patients in ITU. Staffs are also sent to foundation, to ITU course and other relevant study days, in order to enhance their skills and knowledge to effectively look after ITU patients. Not only this, on a practical side nursing teams are the best teams to work with in terms of providing adequate support, educating our new comers and helping each other like a dream team.

Particularly working at NH is the way all healthcare professionals working together complying with our WeCare values - despite the vast diversity in race, religion and cultures. Even though we are a small team across Barts Health, we are like a small family, looking after each other along with providing safe and high-quality care to our patients.

If you have a positive mindset for personal and professional growth, you will always have seniors for relevant guidance and allocate you for necessary training. Or if it is to do with any issues or problems you have come across, there is always someone to seek for help.