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Meet Shujina, band 6 nurse, RLH

I’ve been a part of the team for four years, I joined as a band 5 new to ITU and then became full-time bank for two years. I was looking to improve my ITU skills and felt encouraged by colleagues and senior staff to progress in my career and have recently joined the team substantively as a band 6.

During my transition I have felt very supported by the other band 6s who are always happy to support each other and by senior staff who take an active role in our continual development. 

Our band 7s share a lot of learning material and experience to support the on-going progression of the band 6s from both a clinical but also leadership perspective.

Aside from the courses available in neuro, ITU and trauma, there is a lot of development on the job through leadership opportunities, developing junior staff and taking more responsibilities in running the unit. You have the opportunity to consolidate your clinical skills with further learning and the experience of your seniors, as well as developing as a leader in the team.

Each day presents a new patient case, it’s exciting and you are exposed to new experiences that help you learn and develop every day. 

The pandemic presented a number of unexpected challenges, with redeployed staff entering ITU for the first time, but everyone was incredibly supportive across disciplines, working together to support each other through challenges but also to learn and progress. 

Our patient cases are incredibly varied and even after four years in ITU I still see new cases, new opportunities to learn every day. The team is incredibly supportive and it is a great place to learn and develop in your nursing career.