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Meet Jordan, band 6 nurse, RLH

Jordan, b6 nurse

In my final year of my nursing qualification, I had a close family member pass away in critical care, seeing the phenomenal end of life care the nurses gave inspired me to start a career in this specialty. I started post qualification in a rotation, which included a rotation in critical care. Having learned a lot during this rotation I was keen to join critical care full-time. Three years on and I have just started my Band 6 role at The Royal London Hospital. 

During the first pandemic wave I was redeployed to The Royal London ACCU and found the team incredibly supportive and willing to teach at every experience. On my first day I was able to experience a major incident and subsequent response debrief, with full support from the matrons to have an opportunity to learn from senior staff about planning and prevention, which I found to be an incredibly valuable experience.

Having joined the team as a Band 6 they have been incredibly friendly, supporting me through my Band 6 pathway development.  I have been able to rely on my colleagues and senior staff alike for guidance and support. In my new role I am enjoying the opportunity of teaching juniors and new starters in our team and having a direct hand in developing their skills and giving back to the team from my skills and experience.

The Royal London ACCU sees a very diverse set of patients to care for, therefore there is a wealth of experience amongst the team, all of whom are very approachable and willing to share their knowledge and experience.

There are formal development opportunities for Band 6’s to enrol on the Neurosurgery and Trauma courses and put further education and knowledge into their practise.

Overall it is a great place to learn and develop in your career.