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Meet Fatima, band 5 nurse, RLH

Fatima, band 5 nurse

I qualified as a nurse and joined a haematology/oncology ward, which gave me a foundational understanding of nursing, but after that I was looking to join a unit with a wider scope of opportunity. ACCU has various different specialities comprised into it with a large array of different patients, particularly in a large trauma centre such as The Royal London Hospital.

When I started, I was paired with a buddy (another more experienced Band 5) and a mentor (Band 6 in our team), I worked alongside them throughout my training which was incredibly valuable and allowed me to learn first-hand from experienced members in our team. The wider team is also incredibly friendly and supportive, I have never felt unable to ask for guidance from our nurses in charge, PDNs, doctors or senior nursing team.

Every day there is something new to learn. As a trauma centre there is a wide variety of patients that come through our doors, however we also rotate through our high dependency unit, which broadens your experience and confidence in providing our patients the care they need.

Band 5 nurses are able to undertake the intensive care course, which both gives you confidence in your practise but also allows you to develop towards becoming a band 6 and joining specialist courses such as the trauma course, neuroscience course and specialise from there.

The unit cares for a wide array of trauma, neurosurgery, renal and emergency care patients, so there is a lot to learn, however everyone in the unit is very willing to support each other for the benefit of our patients’ care. If you’re looking for a fast-paced opportunity to gain wide experience and develop in your career, this is the best place to learn.