Video consultations - Quick guide for patients

Your clinic is introducing a video option for some consultations. This means you can connect with your health professional by a video call like Skype, FaceTime or other platforms that have been specially developed for healthcare uses.

The guidance below will help you to prepare for your video consultation and get the most out of it. It may also be helpful for relatives and carers.

Video guide coming soon

Video consulting with your NHS

Why choose it?

Saves stress, time and money, calls are security assured, you can choose to opt out

What you need

internet connection, a room to talk privately, a device with a camera and microphone for example a computer, tablet or smartphone

Setting up

we will email you your appointment time, we will send you a reminder, make sure you are familiar with the software, we will call you when we are ready

Starting the video call

say hello or wave to your doctor, look at their face while you're talking, we'll ask for your date of birth and a phone number

The consultation

if it goes well it will feel like a face to face appointment, if you want to show us something you can try to use the screen camera, if something goes wrong we'll call you instead

Ending the video call

ask us any questions you like before you go, we'll arrange your next appointment, prescription or face to face visit, we'll say goodbye before we go, you can leave your feedback

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