On this page you will find useful resouces for the redevelopment which can be accessed by members of the community and our staff.  




Our planning application to Waltham Forest Council

In May 2021 we submitted our planning application to Waltham Forest Council, as the local planning authority. They are undertaking a statutory consultation on the proposals. View the application on Waltham Forest Council's website here  by searching for the application reference numbers 211245 and 211244.


Construction traffic consultations

During March and April 2021 we conducted a four week consultation about construction access to build a new hospital and car park at Whipps Cross. We published a consultation document  and asked for feedback to identify a shortlist of viable options (or new options) to include in a planning application to be submitted to London Borough of Waltham Forest in April 2021.


Demolition work

Demolition work to safely remove the old, disused buildings on the site of the former nurses’ accommodation began on 12 April 2021. Subject to approvals, it is proposed that a new hospital be built on the disused former nurses’ accommodation site, allowing the existing hospital to remain fully operational during construction of the new one. More information on the start of the demolition work can be found here .


Engagement on updated design

Phase 2 of the planning consultation was launched in February 2021 with the publication of a booklet  sharing our updated designs following feedback from the local community in phase 1. We have also produced translations of the booklet in Urdu  and Somali . Three public meetings were held in February and March 2021, to give members of the public an opportunity to find out more about the evolved proposals, ask the project team any questions, and give their feedback.  A summary and recording of the meetings can be found here .


'Have Your Say' feedback report

Feedback from the community and staff reveals support for building a new hospital at Whipps Cross. Around 500 people responded to our survey, with 87% backing the plans for building a new Whipps Cross Hospital. Click the links below for more details:

Health and Care Services Strategy

We have been working together with our partners to rethink the way we deliver care. We developed a Health and Care Services Strategy (3MB) , which sets out our vision for the way we plan to deliver care in partnership with other local health and care providers. 

Hospital Design Principles

We have worked with staff, clinicians and experts to develop some high level hospital design principles to help guide the creation of the physical spaces which will make up the future hospital. These can be viewed here (1MB) .


Engagement on emerging designs

In November, we shared our early designs for the hospital, car park and the emerging proposals for the wider Whipps Cross site. For more information, please see our booklet  which has been produced to provide details of our vision for the site and ask for feedback from staff, patients and the public to help us to update and progress the designs. We also held a series of public meetings, of which the key themes and a recording can be found here .

The impact of Covid-19

Our clinicians have considered what impact Covid-19 might have on our plans for a new Whipps Cross Hospital. Their conclusion is that our overall vision for its future health and care services remains valid, but we will need to adapt some of the detail in implementing it. Read more about our plans in ‘Health and care in a new Whipps Cross Hospital’  and the full strategy in the Whipps Cross Health and Care Services Strategy .

Enabling works

In June 2020 we published our Demolition Plan  which has been produced to explain the proposed programming and logistics methodology for the demolition of the buildings on the Nurses’ Site at Whipps Cross Hospital.

Strategic Outline Case (SOC)

In March 2020 we submitted our Strategic Outline Case (SOC) to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) setting out the case for investing in Whipps Cross Hospital. This provided a set of early assumptions about the shape and size of a new hospital.

A summary of the SOC ‘Building a Brighter Future for Whipps Cross – Moving to the next stage’   has now been published alongside 'Our vision at a glance'  which provides a snapshot of our vision, a timeline and the next steps. We have also published more information on the approach we took to the modelling of activity for the SOC, which can be found here .


Our masterplan options

In February 2020 we published the results of feedback  to our masterplan options  document, as well as an 'at a glance' summary  and the Trust response 

Our clinical options

In January 2020 we published our clinical strategy , setting out clinically backed new and improved models of care and service delivery.




Building a Brighter Future for Whipps Cross

In October 2019 we published Building a Brighter Future for Whipps Cross , and the Whipps Cross site masterplan  sharing some early ideas about the potential site of a new hospital and the services it will provide.

Government announcement

The Government announced  in September 2019 that it will invest in a brand new hospital at Whipps Cross.


In 2018, we commissioned a study looking at the opportunities and constraints of the site. This study, the  Whipps Cross Masterplan Vision.pdf (19MB ),  was funded by One Public Estate, a national programme delivered in partnership by the Local Government Association and the Office of Government Property (OGP) in the Cabinet Office.


You can read about our vision in Making Whipps Cross work well into the future  which summarises our original, unapproved Strategic Outline Case  (2017).