Cardiac support services

The following services are available to cardiac patients at each of our Barts Health hospitals.

Patient care advisors

After you are referred to us, you will be assigned a patient care advisor. Your advisor is your single point of contact for any questions that you or your relatives have about your care.


Our team of cardiac physiologists work closely with doctors and nurses to perform diagnostic tests on your heart looking at things like blood pressure, heart rate and electrical activity. These can be invasive or non-invasive. We also have specialist exercise physiologists who will study how your heart responds to movement and exercise. Cardiac surgeons and doctors rely on these findings to diagnose problems and decide on treatment.


Physiotherapists have an important role to play in your care journey. Using their specialist skills in exercise, movement, electrotherapy and manual techniques such as manipulation and mobilisation, they help patients resume as active and independent a life as possible.


Our team of specialist psychologists can help you at all parts of your care journey. They work with patients experiencing things such as depression, anxiety disorders, diffiulty overcoming a diagnosis, loss of confidence and change of lifestyle.


Our cardiac rehabilitation programme is for local patients who have experienced chest pain, a heart attack or any other cardiac condition. During the programme, you’ll learn more about your heart and how to reduce the risk of future problems. It includes educational sessions, relaxation techniques, nutritional advice and guided physical exercise such as walking and cycling. We have also developed a range of materials in Bengali.