GP and health partners

Service updates and information for patients, GPs and partners 

We work with GP, Clinical Commissioning Groups and a broad range of partners across our communities to ensure that the services we provide are of the highest quality and meet local needs.  

WeCare and we want to hear your views 

Our WeCare values run through every aspect of what we do. We value hearing your views, as it helps as shape how we develop and improve our services.  

Working with our colleagues across the North East London area we are looking at how we can more effectively gather your views.   

Service information 

Key updates regarding our services will be outlined here. Please check this area for the latest information regarding a particular service. 

Information for GPs  

Please note: The Clinical notices page is no longer updated and exists in archive form only. GPs are kindly asked to please see the North East London Commissioning Alliance (NELCA) GP Hub for all updates on clincal matters going forward. 

The latest updates regarding the coronavirus are all available through the link above. 

When there is a major incident or urgent news, all information will be also be sent direct to GP surgeries from the WEL/NEL Primary Care team. 

Find a consultant  

You can find a consultant in our database

Partner updates 

See the latest issues and information about signing up via the link on the left of this page. 

Referrals, key contacts and non-urgent advice and guidance 

Further details about referrals, key contacts and advice and guidance information is linked on the left of this page.