Barts Health operates one of the largest imaging centres in the country, providing medical imaging and diagnostic services, ranging from routine x-rays to specialist scans and interventional procedures such as angioplasties.

Based at our hospitals across London, our team of leading specialists offer a personalised service using some of the latest scanning technology. We provide one of the most comprehensive medical imaging services in England.

We aim to deliver excellent imaging services which have high quality standards that provide an excellent patient experience and are developed and responsive to our local patient needs.

Our services are based at:

  • Mile End Hospital

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  • Newham University Hospital

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  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital
  • The Royal London Hospital
  • Whipps Cross University Hospital

Why choose us

St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Hospitals have been using diagnostic imaging since 1895, making them two of the oldest established radiology facilities in the world.

Thanks to the expertise of our team, we are able to provide highly specialised radiological opinions, from consultant radiologists working in their chosen specialist imaging field.

Fast and easy access

Waiting times for all diagnostic services are very low. The national waiting time targets are to see patients within six weeks but the department strives to achieve little or no waiting time for the majority of patients referred to Imaging.

Fast facts

  • Approximately 22,000 CT examinations are undertaken every year
  • More than 8,000 heart catheter procedures are performed ever year
  • Over 22,000 women are invited for breast screening every year and 15,000 examinations are undertaken

Our mission is to ensure that patients have fast access to our state-of-the art facilities, and that we are responsive to the needs of our local communities.

Advanced technology

We provide some of the most advanced technology available. For example, we have latest state-of-the-art CT scanners at all main hospital sites. These scanners produce detailed three dimensional pictures of the any part of the body, including the bones, blood vessels, heart, head and neck, enabling our specialists to diagnose conditions more effectively.

Using research to develop cutting-edge treatments

We are committed to researching new technologies and treatments for patients. We have close working relationships with our research and academic colleagues at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (QMUL).

For patients

We know that coming into hospital for an x-ray or a scan can be daunting, but our team of highly trained radiologists, radiographers and nurses are here to welcome, care and support you throughout your visit.

Please note: if you are diabetic, particularly if you take Metformin, please let us know in advance so that we can make special arrangements.

Every procedure is different but you’ll be kept fully informed of what is going to happen before, during and after the tests. Patient information leaflets will be sent to you with your appointment letter, or handed to you by one of our staff.

We use advanced technology that enables x-rays and scans to be stored electronically and viewed on a computer monitor rather than on a lightbox, helping to improve both the quality and speed of your treatment.

Services available

General x-rays 

General x-rays are carried on patients for imaging bones and internal organs. We provide a a walk in service for patients who have been referred by their GP.

Breast screening (Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI)

We use low dose x-rays to examine the breast for evidence of tumours or cysts. We have a dedicated centre at St Bartholomew’s and mobile scanning units are also run throughout the city.

Computed Tomography (CT scanning) 

An x-ray system that provides large numbers of two dimensional 'slices' through the human body. This scan is often used to examine the brain, lungs and heart, and for the investigation of abdominal disease. Our state of the art scanner allows us to make rapid, low dose examinations and it is capable of scanning bariatric (obese) patients.

The hospital sites have different areas of expertise and you will be referred to the most appropriate specialist centre. We provide walk-in services wherever possible.


A type of x-ray examination that produces images of internal structures using fluorescent screens. Common examination types are barium swallows and enemas, and angiography (imaging of blood vessels).

Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is a variety of scanning methods used to assist with minimally invasive procedures. These include insertion of stents, pacemakers and for biopsy (the removal of small amounts of tissue for laboratory examination).

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI is an advanced scanning technique that uses magnetism to produce highly detailed images of the body. MRI scans can assist diagnosis of physiological problems and/or disease in bone, organs and other soft tissue. 

The hospital sites have different specialist areas. The London Chest has a new cardiac scanner; St Bartholomew’s specialises in breast screening and cancer treatment; The Royal London specialises in muscular, skeletal and neurological scans).

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine uses ‘radionuclides’ administered to the patient that emit gamma rays. These are detected by a gamma camera and compiled into an image by computer. This is often used in the diagnosis of bone, lung, thyroid and kidney disorders and for the treatment of cancer and heart conditions.


An Ultrasound is used to visualise internal organs. These are routinely used by sonographers for antenatal scans.

PET CT scanning

PET CT scanning is carried out using a new high-tech scanner at St Bartholomew’s to diagnose and treat cancer. Please see our cancer section to find out more information. Please note: Newham does not offer PET scanning.


St Bartholomew’s Hospital hosts a licensed facility that manufactures radiopharmaceuticals every day for use by many London hospitals.

Dental scanning 

This is often done for routine and emergency treatment. Visit our dental services section for more information.

Children's x-rays and scans

We have a separate, specialist centre for children at The Royal London Hospital. Visit our children’s services for more information.

DEXA scanning

DEXA scanning is carried out on patients for bone density.


A fibroscan is a type of ultrasound that can measure the degree of inflammation in your liver. It is a simple, painless test that uses high frequency sound waves.

More information on fibroscans for patients.

For clinicians

Referral guidelines

Referrals for all procedures can be accepted from consultants, SpRs, GPs, FY1 and FY2 doctors and approved non-medical referrers within their scope of practice (see below).

When making an imaging referral, please ensure that it is done so according to the criteria set out in iRefer (available to all referrers within Barts Health and to external referrers where their institution has granted them access). For PET-CT examinations, the criteria set out in PET-CT indications – RCR are used.

For Nuclear Medicine procedures (including PET and therapy procedures), if you do not have access to iRefer, the following resources should be used to guide your referral:

The ionising radiation dose associated with each procedure is listed within the individual guidelines, which should be taken into account when deciding the most appropriate study for the clinical question.

If you are uncertain about the referral criteria for a particular study, please contact the relevant department (contact details below) to discuss further with the Practitioner responsible for that study. Please note that incomplete referrals cannot be accepted.

General/plain film x-rays

General/plain film x-rays are carried out at all sites from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

For referring patients to Mile End Hospital (elective adult patients only)

Tel: 020 3594 4809
Fax: 020 8223 8852
This service is for plain film x-rays only.

For referring patients to Newham Hospital

Open-access service for patients referred by their GPs 
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am-noon and 2pm-4.30pm (except Bank Holidays).

Emergency and outpatient referrals are seen between noon and 2pm. In order to provide the highest quality service we have established a Radiology helpdesk.

Tel: 020 7363 8926
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8.45am-5pm

Please contact us if you require:

  • Patient x-ray results
  • An urgent appointment
  • Response to a general enquiry

When sending an email please provide the following information:

  • Surgery name
  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Patient’s name and date of birth

For referring patients to St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Tel: 020 3594 1500
Fax: 020 3594 3199

Services at the hospital are:

  • Radiology (including ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning)
  • Cardiac angiography
  • Nuclear medicine and PET CT scans
  • Breast screening and symptomatic breast radiology
  • Interventional radiology

For referring patients to The Royal London Hospital

Tel: 020 3594 0141
Fax: 020 3594 3199

Services at the hospital are:

  • Radiology (including ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning)
  • Angiography, neuro-angiography and interventional radiology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Dental and maxillo-facial radiology
  • Paediatric radiology
  • DEXA scanning
  • Lithotripsy

Imaging and Dexa scan requests

For imaging and Dexa scan referral forms please visit the dedicated referral section on our website. Once completed, the imaging referral form should be faxed to: 020 3594 3199.

Completed Dexa scan forms should be sent to:
DEXA Scanner
Second Floor, Main Building
The Royal London Hospital
Whitechapel Road
London, E1 1BB

Tel: 020 3594 0195

For referring patients to Whipps Cross Hospital 

Tel: 0208 535 6721
Fax: 0208 535 6719

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9.30am-3.30pm

Patients can be seen without an appointment if they attend between these times and are prepared to wait for the request to be checked, and then wait to be seen in order of time of arrival.

Pre-booked appointments can be made by faxing, posting or delivering the form by hand.


Appointments direct line: 0208 535 6716
Fax: 0208 535 6874

Ultrasound appointments should be pre-booked and can be made by faxing, posting or delivering the form by hand.

Non-medical referrers need to be registered to make referrals to our imaging services

From 1 April 2023, non-medical clinical staff need to have completed their training and had their application approved by the radiology team to continue referring patients for imaging services. This includes people who make referrals to our service from outside Barts Health. This change is being made so that we are compliant with the law.