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We offer local and specialist services including a 24/7 hyper-acute stroke centre and dental hospital.

Early Diagnosis Centre

Early Diagnosis Centre at Mile End Hospital 

Detecting disease early and improving outcomes for patients of north east London. 

Our centre is equipped with two endoscopy suites, two ultrasound rooms, a CT scanner and MRI scanning suite. 


Early Diagnosis Centre

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Shape your story as an A&E nurse

We have an emergency department for adults and paediatrics

We are also the home of London’s Air Ambulance, and the hub of the largest network of trauma hospitals across the country.

Our team of nurses are passionate about their work, and with a great team culture, we were awarded clinical team of the year by The Royal College of Emergency Medicine.


Staff benefits 

An enviable set of benefits

Join us to access benefits including flexible working, paid maternity leave, a pension scheme we're really proud of and much more.

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Theatre nurses

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Current opportunities

Working at The Royal London and Mile End hospitals is a truly unique experience. Located in the heart of east London our internationally renowned teaching and community hospitals offer you the chance to work with some of the most innovative people in medicine.

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Shape your story as a critical care nurse

Work in a fast-paced environment with endless learning opportunities

Our team of critical care nurses are passionate about their work, and have a great team culture. From nurses who have started and progressed their careers in critical care to others who have been redeployed during the pandemic and decided to stay, our team has people from a range of backgrounds and with different stories to tell.

Shape your story in critical care at The Royal London

  • Jordan, b6 nurse

    "Seeing the phenomenal end of life care the nurses gave to my family member inspired me to start a career in intensive care."

    "During the first pandemic wave, I was redeployed to The Royal London ACCU and found the team incredibly supportive and willing to teach at every experience. On my first day I was able to experience a major incident and subsequent response debrief, with full support from the matrons to have an opportunity to learn from senior staff about planning and prevention, which I found to be an incredibly valuable experience."

    Jordan, intensive care nurse, The Royal London

  • Nurse at The Royal London Hospital emergency department

    "I had such a great experience in two emergency department placements at Barts Health that I decided I want to make my career in ED."

    "My proudest moment so far came very recently when I had a very sick patient who needed a lot of intervention in resus. We all worked hard to stabilise that patient for safe transfer to theatre. A few weeks later that same patient walked back into ED to thank us. It’s a privilege isn’t it? Every day we get the chance to make a difference to someone on one of the most critical days in their lives."

    Jessica, staff nurse, The Royal London

  • Fatima, band 5 nurse

    "Every day there is something new to learn."

    "The intensive care unit cares for a wide array of trauma, neurosurgery, renal and emergency care patients and everyone in the unit is very willing to support each other for the benefit of our patients’ care."

    Fatima, intensive care nurse, The Royal London


  • "With the teamwork and the camaraderie, we are like a family here."

    "We can have a laugh and always look after each other, even under immense pressure. If you ask me my most memorable moment, I couldn’t pick just one. What I would say is that we have had patients going through their very worst day and we have managed to make the moment a little better for them, and often saved their lives. That’s really the highlight for me."

    Jackie, sister, The Royal London