Our board

The Trust board is accountable for setting our strategic direction, monitoring our performance against objectives, ensuring high standards of corporate governance and helping to promote links between the Trust and the local community.

Key responsibilities include:

  • To set the strategic direction of the Trust within the overall policies and priorities of the Government and the NHS, define the Trust’s annual and longer term objectives and agree plans to achieve them
  • To oversee the delivery of planned results by monitoring performance against objectives and ensuring corrective action is taken where necessary
  • To ensure effective financial stewardship through value for money, financial control and financial planning and strategy
  • To ensure those high standards of corporate governance and personal behaviour are maintained in the conduct of the business of the Trust
  • To ensure that satisfactory procedures exist to appoint, appraise and remunerate senior executives
  • To ensure that there is effective dialogue between the Trust and the local community on its plans and performance and that these are responsive to the community’s needs

Our board committees include:

  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Audit and risk committee
  • Quality assurance committee
  • Finance and investment committee