Online payment

We can accept online payments 24 hours a day using our secure GOV.UK payments system.

Access our online payment system

When making a payment by credit or debit card, please make sure you enter the correct invoice number or customer number. You can find these on your invoice. If you do not provide an invoice number, we'll apply the money to the oldest outstanding amount first.

There's no extra charge for paying online. You'll be sent an email confirming the amount paid. This is your receipt. There's no need to tell us you have made the payment unless we have asked you to.

Sometimes card issuers block payments if they're concerned about the transaction. This might be because:

  • the payment is for a large amount
  • the payee (Barts Health) is outside your normal spending pattern
  • you're making the payment from overseas 

If this happens, before trying again please:

  • contact your card company to say you are about to make an online payment to us, or 
  • use a different card to make the payment