What should I bring to hospital?

Two members of staff transporting a patient in a bed

If you're staying for any length of time at the hospital, either for daycare or as an inpatient, there are things you need to bring and other things you might want to consider bringing. 



If you are being admitted for a stay as an inpatient, please bring your own medicines from home. If you are coming for an outpatient or daycare appointment, please bring a list of your current medicines, such as your repeat prescription list or medication reminder charts. Medicines and remedies we would like to know about include: 

Medicines prescribed by your GP in their original packets 

Any over-the-counter medicines that you buy from a pharmacy or supermarket 

Any medicines or herbal remedies that you get from a health food shop or homoeopathic practitioner. 

Letting us know which medicines you take also means we can check that they are still suitable for you. Our pharmacists are on hand to offer advice about all of the medicines and remedies you are taking. 

Toiletries and nightclothes 

If you are staying overnight as an inpatient, you should bring your personal toiletries, shaving kit or electric razor, nightclothes, dressing gown and well-fitting, enclosed slippers in a small bag. We encourage patients to change out of their nightclothes whenever possible, so you might like to bring something light and comfortable to wear around the hospital. 

Non-essentials and things to pass the timeĀ 

Your time at the hospital might involve long periods when nothing much happens; for example, the waiting time between tests or treatments. Feel free to bring a book or a magazine, games or anything else that might help pass the time. 

Although we provide food and drink, you can bring your own refreshments with you if you like. We suggest light refreshments like cordial, fruit or biscuits. 

If you are an inpatient, a small bedside locker is provided for your personal belongings. Space is very limited so please only bring a small bag with you. 

Money and valuables

Please don't bring expensive items or large amounts of money with you when coming to the hospital. 

If you do need to bring valuables or money with you, please tell a member of the ward staff. They will arrange for your valuables to be collected and taken for safekeeping. We will give you a receipt for your items. You can withdraw them during office hours, Monday to Friday.  

Please note that we cannot store laptops or tablets such as iPad in the safe. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property of any kind, including money and laptop computers, regardless of how the loss or damage may occur.