Waiting well

Waiting well

Pressures following the Covid-19 pandemic have meant that some operations and procedures have postponed or delayed.  As we continue to work on reducing the backlog, some patients may face longer wait times.  

This might be stressful for you and to help, you can find plenty of tips and advice on the Wait Well, Stay Well website

If you're waiting for an appointment or procedure, please be reassured that we have not forgotten about you and we will be in touch as soon as we can. 

Mutual Aid

To help with waiting lists, we are working together with North East London (NEL) NHS hospitals to offer treatment to every patient who is on a waiting list in the quickest possible way. 

One way in which we’re making this happen is by each hospital offering access to their specialist doctors for some services, to patients waiting on any hospital list in NEL. You can find out more by reading the mutual aid leaflet below. 

Mutual Aid patient leaflet ONLINE.pdf [pdf] 35KB 

Telephone and online consultations

We're also continuing to offer telephone and video appointments, although if you need to be seen in person, you will be. 

Search waiting times 

Anyone waiting for a hospital appointment, operation or treatment, can now access the NHS My Planned Care platform. This explains the average wait times for each speciality, broken down by NHS trust. 

Please look at this website before contacting your GP or hospital clinician for an update about any procedures you are waiting for. 

Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best (PKB) gives you secure access to your health record via an online portal.

Once you are signed up, you’ll be able to see your hospital appointment information. In the future, you will see more of your health record such as test results, scan reports and care plans.

All your data is stored securely. You can opt-out at any time and contact us if you have any questions about using the service.

It’s free for all our patients and easy-to-use. Simply log in to the website from your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

No longer need your procedure or appointment? 

If you no longer require your appointment or procedure, either because you have received treatment elsewhere or because your situation has improved, please let your clinical team know as soon as possible. You can also cancel your appointment yourself here