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Research at Barts Health 

We offer every patient the opportunity to take part in a research study.

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We’re proud of our long history of developing and carrying out world-class research which drives improvements in treatments and the health services we provide.

We carry out research in partnership with organisations including Queen Mary University of London as part of Barts Life Sciences, the National Institute for Health Research and Barts Charity

Our research strategy

Our ambitious research strategy aims to build on our existing strengths in certain areas of research (e.g. cardiovascular disease, cancer) and to further drive improvements and develop others. Among the projects we’re working on include: 

  • increasing research funding and recruitment to clinical trials from our local, diverse populations to ensure our research is representative and will benefit everyone. One way we’re doing this is by collaborating with the Genes & Health programme
  • building on our existing work in key specialities, including cancer, cardiac, trauma, inflammation, metabolic disease and population health including women’s health. This will mean further developing on the success of our NIHR Barts Biomedical Research Centre and the Barts Cancer Institute.
  • building our research infrastructure through the development of a clinical research facility at The Royal London Hospital and the development of a life sciences campus at Whitechapel.
  • expanding our research portfolio of early phase clinical trials, supported in part by the NIHR Clinical Research Facility infrastructure programme
  • identifying new opportunities to build research strength in areas such as gestational diabetes and older people’s services
  • ensuring our research influences and helps support the redesign of the services we provide to drive improvements in patient care and outcomes, like we have achieved in trauma care.

Our Partners

We work with other organisations to deliver our research strategy, and to ensure that people and patients have access to as many research opportunities as possible. Our partners include the:


Get in touch

Whether you have questions about taking part in research, want to know how you can help shape our research, need to know more about carrying out research or anything else, please do get in touch.  

Email the research engagement and diffusion team 





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