Press office

Contact the duty press officer on 077 1138 9104 or email

Media enquiries

The press office is responsible for media relations on behalf of Barts Health NHS Trust including patients transferred from under the care of London's Air Ambulance, also known as Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

Office hours

During office hours, all media enquiries should be directed to the press office where they will be evaluated and dealt with appropriately. This is particularly important in ensuring that information given about Barts Health is accurate and consistent.

Out-of-hours and weekends

Outside office hours, at weekends and bank holidays the on-call Barts Health press officer will deal with urgent media enquiries relating to any Barts Health NHS Trust hospital.

The duty press officer can be contacted on 077 1138 9104 or via the switchboard: 020 7377 7000.

Condition checks

Patient condition checks should be referred to the press office on the numbers above.  Please note that with requests for patient information, the press office first needs to seek consent from the patient/relatives. Without consent, no patient information can be disclosed.

Filming requests

We receive many requests for documentary and location filming.  All proposals will be considered and accommodated where possible and appropriate.

Proposals for filming can be emailed to and should include the following information:

  • Name and organisation
  • Production working title
  • Delivery format
  • Target audience
  • Duration
  • When it will be shown/whether it has been commissioned