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Shape our research at Barts Health

To make sure our research benefits everyone in our local communities and beyond, we need the input of lots of people from many different backgrounds, with many different experiences. 

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Research that benefits everyone 

We want to make sure that the research we carry out benefits as many people as possible. To do this, we need people from lots of differnet communities and backgrounds to help shape and drive our work. If you’re a patient, member of staff, carer or someone from our local east London community, there are lots of ways you can input and help us carry out research that benefits everyone.

From telling us if you don’t understand a question or that the aim of the research isn’t clear, to helping us make sure we’re asking people to take part in research in the right way or joining an advisory group, helping shape our research is a lot easier than you might think!

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Reimbursement for your time

In the UK, patients, carers and members of the public who are in receipt of welfare benefits may be reimbursed for their time if they chose to help to get involved in helping shape research. If you are a member of this group, you can find out more about this by reading the NIHR payment guidance for members of the public.

As this is a complex area, the guidance above won’t be able to cover everyone’s individual circumstances. We therefore strongly advise you to get expert advice about your own personal financial circumstances before accepting payment for involvement in research. 

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Opportunities to shape our research

There are lots of opportunities to help shape our research.  We’ve listed some of the current opportunities below, but you can find out more about other current opportunities to get involved by joining our research engagement team’s mailing list (sign up here) or by visiting the People in Research website.

Trauma patient groups

Our trauma team The Centre for Trauma Sciences (C4TS) is always looking for former trauma patients, carers and members of the public to contribute to their research, which is looking at the best ways to treat traumatic injury. 

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Pregnancy and childbirth research

The Katherine Twining Network (KTN) researches areas of pregnancy and childbirth including pre-term birth, pre-eclampsia, epilepsy in pregnancy, infertility and nutrition in pregnancy. KTN is always looking to speak to pregnant women, new mothers , community advisers and other members of communities to take part in their work.

Find out more or email the team for more information ktnetwork@qmul.ac.uk


Get in touch

Whether you have questions about taking part in research, want to know how you can help shape our research, need to know more about carrying out research or anything else, please do get in touch.  

Email the research engagement and diffusion team