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“I would encourage everyone to have the vaccine”

The Covid-19 vaccine programme has been successfully rolled out across the UK and now more than 14 million people have now received their first dose. The JCVI cohorts priority groups have now been extended and now all people over 65 are being offered the vaccine.

Boshura Khatun, a nurse from The Royal London Hospital, shared her experience of getting the Covid-19 vaccine and her efforts to encourage her parents and community to do the same.

Boshura said: “I’ve finally had my vaccine, woo-hoo! I feel like it is the best decision I have made.

“I know many people in my community are very scared of getting the vaccine, as some are worried about the side effects. However, research suggests there are minimal side effects and getting vaccinated has been encouraged by all health professionals.

“I miss my family and have not seen them in many months. To overcome this, I encouraged my parents to have the vaccine when their cohort was offered it.

“They were a little scared but excited at the same time. I am calling them every day to ask how they are and about their side effects.

“Thankfully they have just had a sore arm. I am happy now that they are vaccinated, and we can all see some light at the end of the tunnel.

“I would encourage everyone to have the vaccine.

“We want to protect ourselves, our families and the community. We want to get back to some normality.

“Normality can be achieved if we all do our part by following government guidelines and getting the vaccine.”

Watch Boshura’s parents get their vaccine here.

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