Cancer research

Barts Health is part of a national network of 15 research centres which includes the Cancer Research UK Barts Centre, the Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University of London, the Francis Crick Instituteand CRUK.

The focus of this world-leading network is on the applying cutting-edge research to healthcare.

We do research across five key themes:

  • Cancer prevention and risk reduction
  • Cancer screening and early diagnosis
  • Genetics and evolution of cancer
  • Targeting tumour cells
  • Targeting the tumour microenvironment

For more information about cancer research at Barts Health, contact the our cancer research team by email or call 020 7882 5555. You can also speak to your care team directly.

To learn more about taking part in a study (both cancer and non-cancer), visit our research pages.

Benefits of taking part in a cancer trial

  • You might have access to a new treatment that is not available elsewhere
  • You will be cared for closely by the research team
  • If the treatment being studied is more effective than the standard treatment, you may be among the first to benefit
  • The trial may help scientists learn more about cancer and help people in the future.

Possible risks of taking part in a cancer trial

  • The new treatment may not be better than, or even as good as, the standard treatment
  • New treatments may have side effects that doctors do not expect or that are worse than those of the standard treatment
  • You may be required to make more visits to the doctor than if you were receiving standard treatment. You may have extra expenses related to these extra visits, such as travel, housing, and childcare costs
  • You may need extra tests. Some of the tests could be uncomfortable or time consuming
  • Even if a new treatment has benefits in some patients, it may not work for you.