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Our piano is back in action

With thanks to the charity Friends of The Royal London Hospital, our grand piano in the main entrance of the hospital will be back in action throughout April and we would love to for you to join us for some muscial events throughout April.

4 April, 5.30pm

Sisyphus Quartet

  • Mark Lee, medical student
  • Joshua Neil-Boss, medical student
  • Jacob Lewi, history student
  • Robbi Sher, trainee patent attorney 

5 April, 12.00pm

Classical Guitar

  • Angela Fitzpatrick, medical student

12 April, 12.00pm


  • Meng Xu, school of electronic engineering and computer Science

14 April 12.00pm

Piano and vocals

  • Alan Jolly, patient at The Royal London Hospital

17 April, 12pm


  • Duniya Majumder, dental student

20 April, 12.00pm

The Melos Saxophone Quartet

  • Aidan May 
  • Charlotte Arthur 
  • Holly Marriott 
  • Daniel Buxton 

24 April, 12.00pm

  • Thomas Jesty Guildhall

26 April, 12pm


  • Alexandra Conway, medical student

28 April, 12pm

The Nuada Quintet

  • Jess McNulty
  • Lidia Moscoso
  • Jack Reilly
  • Paddy Kearney
  • Jonny Ainscough

The programme of music is presented in partnership with Barts and The London Music Society, QMUL Music Society and three other music schools. During intervals please come and speak to our performers and the Friends.

These arrangements may change for reasons beyond the control of the charity.

If you would like to be part of our musical schedule for the year ahead please get in touch.


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