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Barts The Less needs your support

St Bartholomew's The Less

You are invited to St Bartholomew’s The Less’s open day, taking place on Thursday April 20th, from 12pm-4pm.

The Less has been a special space of calm for everyone for 900 years. Serving patients, staff and visitors, it is the only parish church physically situated within a hospital.

In Celebration of our hospital and St Bartholomew’s the Great’s 900th year, The Guild of The Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew, the League of St Bartholomew’s Nurses, the Voluntary Board of St Bartholomew’s Hospital have joined The Great to raise money to cover £500,000 of urgent works on The Less.

The aim of the Open Day is to raise the final funds needed towards the full amount required for the essential refurbishment of The Less, and is a chance to remind those nearby that it is a valued sanctuary of peace and calm in this demanding world.

On the day, Farther Marcus Walker will give a talk at 2pm, and there will be a light lunch, teas and cakes to follow at 4pm.

If you wish to contribute to this cause, please donate what you are able.  

We hope to see you there.


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