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Celebrating our 1,100 Allied Health Professionals  

Thursday 14 October marks Allied Health Professions (AHPs) Day, an opportunity to shine a light on our AHP colleagues at Barts Health who provide vital services to our patients.

Did you know there are 14 different professions that make up the AHP workforce?

From arts therapists to operating department practitioners and paramedics, the AHP network spans far and wide. The purpose of AHPs Day is to appreciate and celebrate their enormous contribution and commitment to our patients’ care as an essential part of our healthcare teams.

Rachel Dalton, Director of AHPs at Barts Health, said: “Here at Barts Health I could not be prouder of our AHP workforce and their contribution over the past year to not only our Covid response but also maintaining their essential services and the recovery effort. All this has been done whilst simultaneously supporting the development of our future workforce.

“It is exciting to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the AHP contribution on National AHPs Day (and indeed everyday!). I hope you will all join me in celebrating and thanking our AHPs at Barts Health.”

To celebrate their work, we’ve worked with AHPs across Barts Health to spotlight AHP professions working across our hospitals. From blogs to social media takeovers, there’s a whole package of interesting content for you to explore!

Connect with our AHPs on social media on 14 October:

Get to know AHPs across our hospitals

Did you know?

1. AHPs are the third largest workforce in the NHS.

2. We have nearly 1,100 AHPs across Barts Health.

3. 32% of our AHP workforce are from BME backgrounds, 20% higher than the national average. Read how we’re working to make Barts Health an inclusive place to work.

4. The holistic approach adopted by AHPs means they provide care throughout the life span of our patients, focusing on prevention, diagnosis, recovery, rehabilitation and generally improved health and wellbeing.

5. Throughout our Covid pandemic response our AHP workforce were pivotal in supporting patients both on the wards and in critical care, with staff being redeployed from all different areas across Barts Health.

Get involved on Thursday 14 October!


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