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Children's eye cancer team recognised in annual ophthalmology awards

Our Retinoblastoma team at The Royal London Hospital has been commended in the annual Bayer Ophthalmology Honours for achieving 'striking results, in particular in terms of survival rates'.

One of two national centres in the UK, the team treat children with Retinoblastoma (Rb) - the most common eye cancer in children.

In particular, judges praised high survival rates, with 98 per cent of children alive at the five-year mark. An Eye Club that empowers children to teach younger patients how to care for their prosthetic eye, helping to reduce stigma, was also celebrated.

The team is also helping save the eyesight of children - with 60 per cent of eyes now saved compared to 37 per cent (2011-2016).

Patient feedback consistently shows greater than 90 per cent satisfaction.

In a single day, the team treats 16 children under general anaesthesia. Every child benefits from a play specialist, who knows how each child reacts to anaesthetic, with bespoke consent forms and safety checks.

“A team that has achieved striking results, in particular in terms of survival rates, and has shown great progression in a specialised service requiring excellent team work” 

The core team is led by two consultant ophthalmologists and consists of three paediatric oncologists, a specialist orthoptist, a play therapist, three specialist oncology nurses, a psychologist, two clinical fellows and one administrator. In addition, input from two histopathologists, a clinical geneticist, a dedicated genetics unit and a representative from the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) are valued at multi-disciplinary team meetings.

In addition, a psychologist offers behavioural understanding and support to patients and families, including siblings, while the play therapist runs the monthly Eye Club.


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  1. Joe Mcquillan Wednesday, 13 March 2019 at 08:10 AM

    This is truly an example of world -leading care - congratulations to the team!