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Dr Shang Shaho wins award for diabetes research

Congratulations to registrar Dr Shang Shaho, who won the Young Diabetologist and Endocrinologist Forum (YDEF) Poster Prize at the annual Diabetes UK conference in Liverpool earlier this month.

Dr Shaho’s poster described her quality improvement project to reduce the frequency of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) experienced by hospital inpatients. People with diabetes are at risk of their blood sugar falling dangerously low during their hospital stay due to changes in their diet and eating pattern, from surgery and from illness.  This original project, which had already been selected by Diabetes UK and NHS Digital for the National Diabetes Inpatient Audit Quality Improvement Collaborative, was carried out on three wards at Newham University Hospital. Aiming to reduce the rate of hypoglycaemia by 20%, the project surpassed this target and demonstrated an impressive 90% fall in hypoglycaemia. This was achieved by introducing dedicated ‘on ward’ teaching to nurses, healthcare assistants, ward hostesses and junior doctors including using multidisciplinary simulation and by the routine prescription of evening snacks for elderly patients. Crucially, the improvement in hypoglycaemia persisted when reassessed six months later.

The judges said they awarded Dr Shaho the prize for the clarity and layout of her poster, and for the achievement of such a significant and sustained improvement in patient safety. Dr Shaho was also shortlisted for the YDEF travel award at the Diabetes UK conference. Professor Susan Gelding who led the project together with Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Anne Claydon and Lead Dietician Diana Markham said “we are delighted the project was so successful. The educational initiatives were very well received and regular teaching on hypoglycaemia is now planned for all wards at Newham.”


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