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LGBTQ+: our network priorities for staff and patients

As we mark the start of Pride month, our LGBTQ+ network outline their strategic priorities and how they plan to support staff and patients.

We celebrate Pride every June. The month is important in celebrating the work of the LGBTQ+ people, as well as sharing and reflecting on its history and raising awareness for issues that are still affecting the community.

Above all, our LGBTQ+ network at Barts Health is here to support and enhance the experiences of our LGBTQ+ staff and patients, so that everyone can bring their best and most authentic selves to our hospitals.

Our network has outlined a set of strategic priorities over the next 12 months, that will enhance our support for our colleagues and patients. These are:

  • Understand the needs and concerns of our LGBTQ+ community better by using relevant data from our staff survey, Stonewall Equality workplace survey, ESR and patient feedback
  • Improve end of life care for patients who identify as LGBTQ+ via face-to-face and virtual staff training
  • Develop and sign off our ‘trans and non-binary’ policy
  • Promote visibility of the LGBTQ+ network inclusion agenda in the paediatric, and children & young people areas across the group to support compassion, equity and acceptance for all
  • Respond to our Stonewall Equality workplace index results, promoting improvements for our staff, patients and carers who identify as LGBTQ+.


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