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Statement regarding the nursing vote for industrial action

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We have received notification that members of the Royal College of Nursing employed at Barts Health hospitals will not take industrial action this winter, as the number of staff members taking in the strike ballot did not meet the workplace legal threshold for their vote to count.

Other unions may yet vote in favour of industrial action, so we will continue to develop our contingency plans to keep our patients safe over the coming months in anticipation of operational challenges, including seasonal ‘flu and any resurgence of Covid.  


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  1. Rob Gonella Thursday, 10 November 2022 at 07:01 PM

    There is still time to join Unite the union and vote in favour of industrial action. Their ballot papers have not gone out yet.

  2. Deborah Jackson Friday, 11 November 2022 at 12:40 PM

    I'm very disappointed that nursing staff at Barts Health did not vote to strike. Patient safety , retention and short staffing are the priorities for my reason to vote yes. What are the reasons not to vote yes?

  3. Shaundel Sutherland Saturday, 12 November 2022 at 07:33 PM

    When I casted my vote to strike I was not informed that my right to strike will be based on a legal threshold. I was of the opinion that the overall ballots within the UK would be counted, and I would be permitted to strike when it is called. I am very disappointed as a Barts Health employee that, 'staff members taking in the strike ballot did not meet the workplace legal threshold for their vote to count'. I should be able to strike because that's what I voted for and not a workplace legal threshold.

  4. Clare Bowden Monday, 14 November 2022 at 11:35 AM

    Workplace Threshold!
    We are nurses and union members, we work very hard for patient care and safety. This is now, and has been compromised for way too long. We voted to strike- and it was a very hard decision to make.
    Bart Health = WE CARE values.
    Support us please!

  5. Claire King Monday, 14 November 2022 at 11:39 AM

    Deborah, many nursing staff did vote at Barts health. You should have received an email from the RCN explaining how many Barts Health nurses were eligible to receive a ballot, how many staff returned their ballot, and how many voted Yes or No.
    There were 3,489 Barts Health nursing staff who were eligible to vote.
    50% turnout means 1,745 needed to return a ballot paper.
    1,737 actually voted, so we were only 8 votes short to fulfil the 50% requirement.
    Of the staff who did return a ballot, only 60 nurses voted against strike action.

  6. Anon Friday, 18 November 2022 at 09:38 AM

    May I ask if any of Dental Nurses were included in this as we did not receive anything in regard to voting?

  7. Samantha Bill Tuesday, 22 November 2022 at 05:29 PM

    I’m sorry but this is completely unacceptable. We pay into RCN to the tune of £120+ a year and to be told our vote did not count because of a legal threshold that we fell short by 8 votes is an insult to those that did vote and are now being told it doesn’t count. The system is designed to ensure nurses remain at the bottom of the pile.

  8. Freya Murray Friday, 25 November 2022 at 05:12 PM

    Let's hope the Unison / other unions ballot will provide us with some hope of a strike action. I just don't understand why people didn't use their vote.
    Let's hope for some good news soon.